This was SUCH a fun studio shoot! I did some before hand chalk drawing prep off of Mama's GREAT idea of a candy land theme and a quick on the fly alteration of a previous chalk drawing I had used for this 2 year old's photo shoot. Then, my favorite part, was when we broke out the paints (another awesome idea of Mom's)... A girl after my own heart.. she loves to do art work! She was SO serious about her art piece, but it was still SO cute!! Im not going to lie, it was quite messy (my camera needed a mini detailing afterwards) but it was totally worth it! :*]


Erica Klein
06/06/2012 7:07am

What great photos!!! Very creative ideas!

Aunt Judy
06/06/2012 10:30pm

Photos are precious !Love the colors, expressions and detail! Thanks for sharing.

Audra Carman
06/08/2012 11:23am

Nora looks absolutely ADORABLE!! Great photos and Great photographer!! : )


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